The Angels ‘The Dogs Are Talking’

When lists of the greatest Australian rock bands are compiled, “The Angels” are always put in a class at the top, along with such luminaries as their Albert Records stablemates, AC DC. The Angels brand is synonymous with Australian rock culture. Their catalogue spans over 35 years, and their anthems have played a major role in shaping the Australian musical landscape. The Angels have earned a place in the ARIA ‘Hall Of Fame’. Loaded with an arsenal of iconic rock hits, The Angels are still heard continually on commercial radio stations across the country and overseas. The blistering live show has maintained a dynamic intensity over decades and in turn, a huge loyal fan base.

2011 saw The Angels tour nationally with new singer Dave Gleeson and drummer Nick Norton. Gleeson, previously of rock and roll powerhouse ‘The Screaming Jets’, surprised long time Angels fans with his natural fit with the band. He brought his own unique energy to The Angels live setting and new recordings. On the ‘Waiting for the Sun’ tour in late 2011, the public had the first glimpses of a new leaner meaner Angels.

In 2012, the band released it’s first studio recording in 14 years with “Take It To The Streets”. The album saw a renewed songwriting vigour from the band which had been absent for the previous decade. Subsequent national touring in mid to late 2012, including the huge “A Day on the Green” shows, put the band’s profile firmly back in the spotlight. That six month period showed tens of thousands that The Angels are a more powerful live show than ever and a creatively re-energized act to boot. The regular critique likened the lineup’s performances to the unforgettable shows of the late 70′s and early 80’s.

Early 2013 saw The Angels perform to an audience of 20 000 at the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide, a high watermark for the lineup. The Angels are in the process of recording a new album, and embarking upon a 50 date national tour. Stay tuned throughout 2013.