Jarratt sings Wagga’s praises

Actor John Jarratt will step up to the microphone next week to prove he is more than “that” actor from Wolf Creek.

He is best known for portraying some of the scariest and identifiable characters of Australian film but Jarratt’s talents run deep.

He will host a karaoke night in Wagga next week after he premieres his new film, Stalk Her.

Wagga is a regular stop on Jarratt’s promotional tours in large part because his aunt and her family live here.

“I’m really fond of Wagga because my Aunty Joan lives here,” he said.

Jarratt and his team will drive their camper van to Wagga from Ballarat and park on his aunt’s front lawn as he fulfils his responsibilities next Thursday.

He describes his new film as an “inappropriate romantic thriller” and a cross between Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and Misery.

It is a refreshing taste for fans of Jarratt’s who are used to seeing him torture his victims on screen.

“I’m the victim for a change and the woman is in control most of the time,” he said.

Jarratt spends about 90 per cent of the film tied to a chair and the movie is shot primarily in the one room.

“It’s a challenging film, a grand exercise in acting,” he said.

“But people love it because it’s such an intriguing piece … it’s impossible to get bored.”

And if that is not enticing enough, Jarratt will take centre stage again but this time you can see it in person as he performs karaoke.

Jarratt will sing Killer In Me, which he sings during his new film’s closing credits, She’s a Lady and an acapella number before handing the microphone over to Wagga residents.

“We will hand it over to the people of Wagga to sing their favourite song,” he said.

“All of Wagga is invited.”

Stalk Her will premiere at Forum 6 Cinema on August 6 from 8pm and the karaoke will be hosted after the premiere at a venue to be determined..

Source: http://www.dailyadvertiser.com.au/story/3247079/jarratt-sings-waggas-praises/?src=rss

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