Aussie actor John Jarratt has been filming his latest film StalkHer at Alamanda Private Hospital

Alamada JJ Shot GCB

John Jarratt on the set of thriller StalkHer, at Allamanda Private Hospital. Pic Jono Searle.

Source: News Limited

HE’S known for striking terror in cinemagoers but John Jarratt is getting nothing but smiles on the Gold Coast.

The veteran actor, known for starring in the Aussie thriller Wolf Creek, will today wrap up filming of his latest film, StalkHer with his Gold Coast based crew.

The final scenes of the film, described as an “inappropriately funny, dark, romantic thriller”, will be recorded at Southport’s Allamanda Private Hospital, with patients and staff watching on.

Jarratt, who directs and stars in the independent production, said it was strange to be the lead in a film in which he spent most of it tied to a chair after a home breakin.

“It is an intense drama set almost entirely within one house and, while it is claustrophobic, we have thrown a few flashbacks and other locations such as hospital in so audiences can catch their breath,” he said.

“I do not want to give away too much detail on the plot but it is a cross between Misery and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.”

A sequence was shot at the Coomera IGA, and most interior scenes were filmed on a set at Village Roadshow’s Oxenford studios.

The 62 year old said he enjoyed work on the Coast.

“The Gold Coast and Queensland are great places because everyone here continues to be excited about movies,” he said.

The film is to be released late this year. Jarratt’s new film Wolf Creek 2 will premiere this month.


From: Gold Coast Bulletin

February 07, 2014 6:18AM

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